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Enamel Bowl

Enamel Bowl

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Bowl or plate? It's a big decision. 

When we're camping we don't want to take both. 

The bowl always wins. 

It's just a more versatile eating vessel and our Wildish enamel bowls are top-notch. 

Big enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but small enough that they won't take up loads of space in your bag. 

They also make a good hat.

the details

- Handmade to our specifications in Poland
- Made of certified and tested components, the enamel itself is one of the safest materials for cooking and serving food
- Will last forever if looked after
- Made of substances that can be fully recycled

- 14cm diameter x 7.5cm Height

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Enamel Bowl

This was bought as a gift and the recipient was so happy! Beautifully made, excellent colour combination, perfect size-we couldn’t be more delighted and will be buying more for ourselves!